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Sapphire has good thermal properties, excellent electrical , dielectric properties, resistant to chemical attack, strength even at high temperatures. These properties make Sapphire widely used in some environments where reliability, optical transmission and strength are required.

Crystal structure Hexagonal System
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity 25.12 W/m/K
Thermal Shock Resistance 790 W/m
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 5.8x10-6/K
Hardness 9 Mohs
Melting Point 2040
Refractive Index 1.83 @0.26mm, 1.76 @0.63mm, 1.58 @5.57mm
Dimension Tolerance -0.1 mm
Thickness Tolerance -0.2 mm
Flatness < per 25
Surface Quality 80/50 Scratch&Dig
Parallelism <3 arc min
Perpendicularity <5 arc min
Wavefront Distortion </2, Tel: 1-408-2448972, Fax: 1-408-2288789

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