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Micro-waveplates are specifically designed for fiber optics applications such as Interleavers. We can also provide Custom Waveplate upon customer's requirement.

We manufacture all kinds of waveplate (, /2, /4, /8) with any size, shape, customer-design retardation and high tolerance center wavelength (from 200nm to 2500nm)

Custom Waveplate

Multiple - Order Waveplates

Zero Order Quartz Waveplates

Cemented & Air Space Zero Order Waveplates

Achromatic Zero - Order Wavwplates

Dual Wavelength Waveplates

Optical Contact Waveplate

Wedge Waveplate

Standard waveplate with wavelengths (nm):

355 532 632.8 808 850 980 1064 1310 1480 1550 1590


Material Crystal Quartz
Dimension Tolerance -0.10mm
Wavefront Distortion /8 @ 632.8 nm
Retardation Tolerance /500
Parallelism <1 arc second
Surface Quality 20/10 Scratch and Dig
Coating R<0.25% at central wavelength

Product List

Product No. Dimension(mm)
MWL01 1x1
MWL02 2x2
MWL03 3x3


Note: Custom part available, please specify part size, retardation, type, wavelength and coating., Tel: 1-408-2448972, Fax: 1-408-2288789

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