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Calcite Crystal

Sunny Precision Optics can provide raw calcite crystal and are extracted from the deposit to meet U.S. Military specifications MIL-G-174B. change, we can provide colorless calcite using our unique techniques in color , which has 15~20% transmission improvement from yellow calcite at short wavelength. We may supply raw calcite size. Calcite is a natural crystal that has high birefringence and wide spectral transmission and available on a variety of size from 10mm to 80mm rhombs. It is a negative uniaxial crystals and commonly used as UV, visible and near IR polarizers. We can provide quality Raw calcite, semi-finished product and Polarizer product.

Spectral Properties, Wavefront Distortion (Striae), Scatter are main reasons to affect calcite's quality.

Physical and optical properties

Transparency Range 300-2300nm
Crystal Structure Rhombihedral
Density 2.7g/cm3
Crystal Class Negative uniaxial with no=na=nb, ne=nc
hardness 3 Mohs
Refractive index, birefringence(=ne-no)

no =1.6557, ne=1.4852 n=-0.1705, = 6.20@ 630nm


no =1.6629, ne =1.4885 n=-0.1705, = 6.20@ 1300nm
Sellmeier equation no2=2.69705+0.0192064/(2-0.01820)-0.01516242 ne2=2.18438+0.0087309/(2-0.01018)-0.00244112

Standard Semi_finished Calcite Dimension

<20x20x20 mm
>20x20x20 mm
>30x30x30 mm
>40x40x40 mm
>50x50x50 mm
>60x60x50 mm

Specification (finished product)

Dimension Max: 60 x 60 x 50mm
Surface Quality 40/20 Scratch and dig
Flatness /4 @ 632.8 nm
Transmission wavefront distortion /2 @632.8 nm
Coating Upon request


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