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High Temperature form BBO (a-BaB2O4) is a negative uniaxial crystal. Features include wide transparency and phase matching ranges, large nonlinear coefficient, high damage threshold and excellent optical homogeneity.

Physical and optical property

Crystal Structure Trigonal, space group R3c
Melting Point 1095 (+/-5)
Wavefront distortion l/8 per inch, measured by a double-pass interferometer @ 632.8 nm
Transition Temperature 925 (+/-5)
Hardness 4.5 Mohs
Density 3.85 g/cm3
Absorption Coefficient < 0.1%/cm (at 1064 nm)
Hygroscopic Susceptibility low
Resistivity > 1011 ohm-cm


Dimension 1x1-20x20mm
Surface Quality 20/10 Scratch and Dig
Beam Deviation <3 arc min.
Optical Axis Orientation +/-0.5
Flatness l/4 @ 632.8 nm
Transmission Wavefront Distortion </4@632.8nm
AR-coating R<0.5%, Tel: 1-408-2448972, Fax: 1-408-2288789

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