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Material: Bk7, Fused Silica


Amici Prisms, also called right angle roof prisms, revert and invert the image as well as bend the line of sight through a 90 angle. They work as prism diagonals and use in spotting scopes, and any optical instrument where it is desirable to take an inverted image from an objective, turn it right side up, and bend it through a 90 angle, to maintain the correct visual orientation. All Amici prisms have 6 arc second resolution.

Material Bk7, fine annealed (other material upon request)
Dimensions Tolerance 0/ - 0.10mm
Surface Flatness

/4 at reflecting surface

/2 at other surface

Surface Quality 60/40 scratch & dig
Clear Aperture 90% of the dimension
Angular Tolerance 5'
Roof Angular Tolerance 6"
Chamfers 0.1- 0.25 mm x 455
Coating Upon request


Product List

Product #
B(mm) C(mm) Clear Aperture(mm)
PRO 218
12.73 12.18
PRO 220
19.80 18.95

Note: Special material and size are available upon request., Tel: 1-408-2448972, Fax: 1-408-2288789

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